16. California
I've always been uncomfortable with my weight. I went from 165 to 135 by starving myself. As soon as I stopped, I gained everything I had lost (and more) back. I am ashamed of my weight but I am doing something to change it! SW: 166 (April 2)
CW: 166
GW: 160
GW2: 150
GW3: 140
GW4: 130
UGW: 120ish (or wherever I am comfortable!)
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I’m in love.

Less than a pound away from 100 pounds off my starting goal! Hoping to really kick it up a notch to lose a good 5 pounds this month before my 19th birthday :)
SW: 245 CW:146 GW:145 UGW:135
First pic was taken  Feb 2013, the second July 2014.