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I've always been uncomfortable with my weight. I went from 165 to 135 by starving myself. As soon as I stopped, I gained everything I had lost (and more) back. I am ashamed of my weight but I am doing something to change it! SW: 166 (April 2)
CW: 166
GW: 160
GW2: 150
GW3: 140
GW4: 130
UGW: 120ish (or wherever I am comfortable!)
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Happy hump day everyoneee. Short story time. I’ve been eating super shitty lately: going out to eat all the time and overeating. And it had been taking a toll on me, mentally. I felt gross and like I was losing all progress. But, I think my body needed those extra calories due to how much I’ve been lifting and working. I woke up like this (with the help of my bathroom lighting of course) and I don’t think I’ve lost any progress at all. I haven’t been iso-working my core but I still have more abs/obliques than usual. Just shows that I haven’t lost any progress & I may have even gained some. Don’t sweat a couple weeks or months where you feel like you fell off the wagon. As long as you know what’s happening and get right back into it, you’ll be fine :)

You and your body are flawless jfc
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@livvvfit: Happy Canada day to all my fellow Canucks 🍁✌️


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